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New Craft Future Voices was a major event held in the summer of 2007, at the University of Dundee, Scotland . It consisted of a 3-day conference with 45 papers and 5 keynote presentations and, an exhibition consisting of 27 craft research projects and nearly 250 pieces of work!

Co-convened by Professor Georgina Follett and Dr Louise Valentine, this conference arose from their major AHRC funded project, "Past, Present & Future Craft Practice", conducted at the University of Dundee. Currently the largest AHRC grant awarded to the crafts in Britain. 


Conference and Exhibition Proceedings - Online Purchasing Available!

New Craft Future Voices, Conference Proceeding  - Colour Edition,  £75 (502 pages)

New Craft Future Voices, Conference Proceeding  - Black & White Edition  £35 (502 pages)


Future Voices Celebrating Diversity, Exhibition Proceedings - Full Colour    £36.99 (148 pages)



The first international 'New Craft - Future Voices' conference and exhibition was hosted by Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, University of Dundee, Scotland from 04 - 06 July 2007. This event aimed to bring together craft practitioners and  academics to develop a new vision for the 21st Century. Digital, Radical, Innovative, Fine, D.I.Y, Process, Craftivism and Hobbyist craft  - New Craft Future Voices sought to capture the diversity of activities within the crafts and take stock of its fast changing cultural and creative role.

The conference and exhibition provided opportunities to hear prominent keynote speakers, including Paul Greenhalgh, Bruce Metcalf, Joruun Veiteberg, Marie O'Mahony and Sandra Alfoldy. The first craft conference to fully integrate theory and practice, combining 37 exhibitors with 50 papers. In addition to the exhibition and papers, it provided opportunities for rich interaction and discourse.

Craft Research Blog

The project also has a blog which provides references to craft research issues, and a forum for discussion on the themes explored in the conference:


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