Month: January 2023


How to Make MC Shields in Minecraft

MC shields are an important part of Minecraft’s combat system. They can block almost all melee and projectile damage from enemies, as well as protect you from environmental hazards like being set on fire. They can also be enchanted with a variety of effects, including unbreaking and mending. How to Make Shields in Minecraft Creating…

Editor’s Choice

How to Make a Secret Event on Facebook

Facebook is an effective way to promote and market your events. It’s free, easy, and has a lot of potential for reaching a wide range of audiences. But it’s not perfect and can cause some problems when you need to make your event private or secret. You can use Facebook to create a private event…


How to Make Sawdust Out of Wood

When you have a lot of wood to cut, making sawdust out of it is a great way to save money on your lumber costs. Not only is it a greener option than buying pre-cut lumber, but it also reduces waste and makes for an economical way to recycle wood in your home. Use Your…